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The Florida leaf-footed bug Acanthocephala femorata is a species of insect. The genus name Acanthocephala means "spiny head" and was inspired by the pointed tylus at the tip of the head. Acanthocephala femorata is found in the continental United States and Mexico. How to identify Leaf footed bugs. Growing as large as 20 mm in length, most leaf-footed bugs appear brown in colour. The upper abdomen appears yellow or light orange and includes five crisscross black patches, which are generally revealed when the insect takes flight.

Type of damage to citrus fruit that can be caused by the leaffooted bug, Leptoglossus phyllopus Linnaeus. Photograph by University of Florida. Pecan is one of the other crops attacked. Leptoglossus phyllopus is one of the bugs that causes black pit and kernel spot of pecan. Ebeling 1959 describes black pit as a blackening of the inside of. Leaf-footed bugs Family Coreidae will grab your attention when several of these large insects gather on a tree or garden plant. Many members of this family have noticeable leaf-like extensions on their hind tibia, and this is the reason for their common name. Leaf Footed Bugs are not considered aggressive, but they do have mouths designed to pierce plant skins to suck fluids. We suspect that in the event a Leaf Footed Bug was being swatted, it might bite and the bite is most likely painful.

The area above and below this leaf-like expansion is yellow. Black and yellow bands border both sides of the abdomen. This species can produce a detectable odor in defense of a threat or attack. Western Leaf-footed Bugs are herbivores, feeding on the buds and nuts of various shrubs and trees. Pistachio and almond trees are popular food sources.

The genus Leptoglossus contains the classic leaf-footed bugs. The hind tibiae have large flared processes that resemble the shape of leaves. When these insects fly, their back legs hang down and they are easily mistaken for wasps, which also drag their hind legs in flight. The leaf-footed bug belongs to the order Hemiptera, the true bug family. Adult leaf-footed bugs get their name from the flattened, leaf like flare on the lower portion of the back legs or tibia. The adult body can be a greenish gray to black, about ¾” inch-long, with upwardly pointed structures on what we would think of as the shoulders. and spring days, boxelder bugs and leaf-footed bugs may become active, moving from their hiding places into living spaces. While both insects have piercing- sucking mouthparts, neither is known to bite humans or animals. Identification. Boxelder Bugs. Adult boxelder bugs are flat-backed, elongated, narrow-bodied insects, about ½ inch long and ⅓. inch wide. They are dark brownish-black. Leaf-footed bugs Leptoglossus spp. have long mouthparts they use to pierce and suck the sap from plant leaves, fruit and shoots. They receive their common name due to the flattening of their hind tibia resembling a leaf. Although the feeding activity rarely damages ornamental plants, they can. Outdoors, boxelder bugs have the habit of clustering in large numbers on the sides of trees, buildings, and other structures. During warm winter and spring days, boxelder bugs and leaf-footed bugs may become active, moving from their hiding places into living spaces. While both insects have piercing-sucking mouthparts, neither is known to bite.

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